(adapted from Luetscher & Ziegler, submitted)

The CORA* monitoring device comprises a CO2, a pressure, and a temperature probe. Recorded data are stored on a 32 Mbit internal memory and can be transferred to an external SD-card peripheral or downloaded onto a notebook via a RS485 serial port. Thanks to its low-power consumption the device allows monitoring at 4 hour intervals for at least one full year without maintenance. Data exchange with the instrument software is achieved through a Membrane Keypad allowing programming the measurement time interval, to start monitoring sequences and to download data.

CORA was specifically developed to resist dirt and water splashes (IP52) typical of cave environments. The device consists of a 15 x 9 x 5 cm yellow apparatus with six internal alkaline AA cells (9V; 3.4 Ah) supplying sufficient energy for one month autonomy. The instrument weighs 590 g and is packed in a waterproofed Otter Case for transport. For monitoring periods exceeding one month, the instrument can be coupled to an external battery pack (12V; 22 Ah). The total weight of CORA including external batteries is slightly less than 3 kg.

*Cora, also known as Persephone, reigned the underworld together with Hades in the Greek mythology.


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