Just like our translations, our interpreting services underlie scientifically based quality criteria. All of our interpreters have been academically trained in conference interpreting (simultaneous, whispered and consecutive interpreting) and liaison interpreting. If required – e.g. in case clients wish to save on travel expenses – we conveniently provide telephone and video remote interpreting services. We are also specialised in community interpreting, i.e. interpreting services which facilitate the communication of individuals with official entities (doctors, public institutions or social organisations) and help overcome language and cultural barriers.

Fourfold Quality Guarantee

All our interpreting services come with a fourfold quality guarantee:

  • We achieve the highest possible level of professionalism through scientifically proven quality criteria.
  • Our interpreters hold a university degree in conference interpreting.
  • Interpreters exclusively interpret from foreign languages into their native or first working language.
  • Our interpreters generally work in teams of two.


Junior Model

Our Junior Model also applies to interpreting services. Professionally trained, top grade students are usually paired with senior interpreters.


We currently offer interpreting services into and out of the following languages: German, English, Italian, French, Spanish and Russian.