Our close relationship with the Department of Translation Studies at the University of Innsbruck enables us to deliver translations in line with strict quality guidelines. This significantly benefits our clients, as many countries do not require translators to obtain any official authorisation or undergo any particular training. The quality of translations provided on the market may therefore vary. At the ITC, we apply scientifically based quality criteria, which set us apart from many other translating agencies on the market. All our translators are highly skilled and hold a university degree in translation studies. If required, we also work with certified translators.

Fourfold Quality Guarantee

All our translations come with a fourfold quality guarantee:

  • We apply scientifically proven quality criteria and quality assurance through state-of-the-art translation technologies.
  • All our translators and interpreters have been professionally trained at a university.
  • All translations – apart from well-founded exceptions – are done by native speakers. Translators exclusively translate from foreign languages into their mother tongue.
  • We employ the four-eye principle. Before delivery every translation is proofread by one of our experts, who are accomplished lecturers with extensive professional work experience.

Junior Model

Translations may also be ordered through our Junior Model. This model allows junior translators to take on their first real translation projects in the last phase of their studies, while receiving both compensation and course credits. Translations provided under the Junior Model are always done in cooperation with our experts – accomplished lecturers with extensive professional work experience – to guarantee top quality.


We currently offer translations into and out of the following languages: German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian and Hungarian. Other languages are provided upon request.